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Commission information

Find here a breakdown of all the illustration services I offer.

Have a project in mind that doesn't fall under any of these categories? I would love to hear your ideas and discuss custom pricing! 

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Character/scene illustration

Perfect for prints, overlays, bookmarks, and commercial promotion! Check out examples of commissioned character portraits here and scene illustration here! I would love to bring your characters to life.

*Pricing information for character art


Book covers / dust jackets 

I would love to bring your book cover concept to reality! Contact me to discuss your ideas! Have a look at examples of book cover illustration here.

*Pricing information for book covers / dust jacket art


Chapter headers 

Looking for smaller illustrations to format your book with? Custom chapter header illustrations are a great way to add flare to your book, and immerse your readers into your world! Check out examples of chapter header illustrations here! 

*Pricing information for chapter header illustrations


Environment illustration

Have a cool fantasy setting or a specific environment you'd like to see brought to life? From castles to mountains, check out examples of environment illustrations here! 

*Pricing information for environment art 


Endpaper & tip in design

From characters and environments to more abstract designs, I've got you covered for beautiful special edition books. Check out examples of commissioned endpapers here! 

*Pricing information for endpapers / tip in pages 



Alongside fully rendered illustrations, I also offer sketches as a budget friendly option for promotion or print! Check out some of my sketches here!

*Pricing information for sketches

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